Tollywood makers blind game

Is our filmmakers really plan well to release their films in good time? Are they really good at doing business with their products? If we had a look at the ongoing sight, the answer to these questions is definitely has a big ‘No’. On 17th of this month, 13 films are ready to hit the screens.

‘Khakee(Dubbing), Gruham(Dubbing), Prematho Mee Karthik, Snehamera Jeevitham, London Babulu, Mental Madhilo, Prema entha madhuram priyuralu antha katinam , Devi Sri Prasad, Lovers club, dare, Egise Tarajuvvalu, Justice league(English dubbing), Baby(Hindi) are the films which are hitting screens on 17th of this month.

Among the above films, only two of them have completed the business remaining all films are being released by producers on their own. Already ‘Raja the Great, vunnadi okate zindagi, Adirindi, Detective’ are still running successfully in theaters. Now a big question is arising that when these films are running successfully from where makers will get theaters to screen for 13 films.

Although if makers managed to get theaters in ‘A’ centers what is the position in ‘B’ and ‘C’ centers which will have only 3 to 4 theaters in each center. Will ‘B’, ‘C’ centers Theater owners will dare to screen new films by removing running films which are bringing them good revenues. If they do so will distributors of running films agree for that?

So many producers are coming into film industry since the inception of the filmmaking without knowing the pros and cons of film production. They are not caring the sincere pieces of advice by the experienced and big producers and after getting the loss, simply they are blaming the industry after exits from the industry.

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