Tollywood mastered the art of Business

Fewyears back Bombay used to witness fashion only after a year of its appearance in Paris. Then after a year or so it used to come to tollywood whether it is new brand,dresses,films,styles,music beats. THe advent of ineternet made entire world know fashionable trends with in seconds of their introduction in the market and the same with tollywood. Last year tollywood grossed 100crs competing with bollywood and taking even entire world by surprise. Just like all has two sides of coin even tollywood making grossing two sides and if we analyse there is no greatness in tollywood grossing 100crs. It happened with increase in ticket rates,presence of telugu viewers across the world along with involvement of satellite,mobile content and video gaming rights and last but not the least tollywood learning the art of making business of film making. It involved planning of crazy combinations,generating lot of pre release hype for the film and later blocking and releasing the film in wide number of theatres. In the midst of this film makers and distributors see to that in all theatres at least two to three screens will have the same film. Whether in business field or battle field victory is important than how one achieve it. TOllywood is witnessing development of digital content which opens up new arena for business. This will also help in reduction in cost of film making. Even our heroes and directors leartnt the business art with apart from renumeration owning area wise rights and even involving in production. All this is one side of the coin while the toher cautions on not to tread on the dangerous path. This applicable not only to individual but also to industry. With an eye on business and profit making if film makers indulge in producing films that give momentary entertainment with third grade dialogues,songs and dances,movie lovers will teach them a good lesson. If one goes by the history of tollywood movie lovers even great directors and icons of the industry failed to catch the pulse of the people on numerous occasions.