Tollywood Queen director walked out

Director Job is linked with creativity, he can show the normal story in a creative manner. He is the one who will have total grip in 24 crafts. But in recent time actors are keeping their fingers in this creative job which was showing a huge impact on the result of the film. Although so many directors are compromising in their work some are not willing to bow their heads. The same had happened in case of   Tollywood ‘Queen’ staring Milky Beauty Tamannaah in the title role.

As per our sources ace director, Neelakantam who is helming the megaphone for this film walked out of the project due to the creative difference with Milky Beauty Tamannaah. As per our sources, Tamannaah is actively involving in the script and asking the director to approach each scene in a different way for the sake of getting freshness to the scenes. The director who owns his style walked out of the project due to the heroine’s interference. Young hero Siddhu Jonnalagadda zeroed as the male lead.

Interestingly, Neelakanta is also directing the Malayalam version of the same film, starring Manjima Mohan. Now, Who’s going to take up the responsibility of the Telugu version now? or Will the producers convince and bring him back? We have to wait and see.