Top 5 Romantic Cities in Europe

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Europe is a center of modern civilization. Europe contains in itself a whole world of possibilities for couples who travel. You can find everything and anything in Europe. Even the concept of romantic love was invented in Medieval Europe. Therefore, Europe is definitely the best place for romantic travels. However, there are many different countries and cities. Of course, you cannot visit them all at once. The diversity of choice can be quite confusing. Thus, read the following guide to the most romantic cities in Europe to know where to go with your loved one.

Florence, Italy

To put it simply, Florence is amazing. It is a native city of the great Italian poet Dante Alighieri. Like all poets he was a romantic. And so is his native city. Florence is definitely one of the most romantic cities in Europe. Its pleasant weather, great architecture, and the whole atmosphere will put in a great mood. You can visit galleries and museums or enjoy local food. Have a glass of wine or take a tour to the neighboring villages. Don’t forget to visit some great houses that are exemplary for Renaissance architecture.

Florence, Italy

Venice, Italy

Italy has two romantic cities. And Venice is the second of them. Lovers from all around the world come here to ride gondolas and listen to troubadours. Venice is something different. Of course, you know that the whole city is built on water. Therefore, you won’t need cars. The city is much more quiet thanks to the absence of cars. You can visit carnival or go to the Bridge of Lovers. Central Basilica is also worth of your attention. The best thing you can do in Venice is ride boat and visit different restaurants, especially in the evening.

Florence, Italy

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is, perhaps, the most wonderful city in Spain. It is, if one may say so, a cultural capital. Many people include it in the list of the best romantic cities in Europe. You should try local food and visit The Sagrada Familia built by the great architect Gaudi. Then, go to Salvador Dali museum. Spanish wine is also good. Moreover, you can enjoy seaside and warm weather just as well as the company of hospitable Spanish people. Barcelona has a lot to offer for those who have taste for nightlife. You can visit many different clubs to dance and drink.


Paris, France

Any top of European romantic cities would be incomplete without Paris. It is considered to be #1 in the list of the romantic cities in Europe, and all the basic dating rules were defined here. French people are very passionate. And so is their city. You can spend a lot of time in Paris and still don’t see everything it has to offer. You should drink wine and eat baguettes. Local food is delicious. Take you partner and climb the Eiffel tower or go to Montmartre. There’s also Louvre and Notre Dame. With just the right attitude you will see that everything in Paris is great.


Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is the most romantic city in the Eastern Europe. Start by walking the streets of the old city, especially in the evening. Eat local food and visit some of the small music theaters which play ethnic Hungarian music. That is the best way to enjoy being in Budapest. You can also buy some tours to the local temples or visit the National Gallery. Budapest is a city with very old history. You will see it on your own just by walking its streets. It is also relatively cheaper in comparison with cities in France, Spain or Italy.


Well, now you know the most romantic cities in Europe. Traveling is always good. There are many romantic cities in Europe. It’d be great to visit them all. Make your choice and have a great time together because you deserve it. Good luck and have a good time! Safe travels!


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