Trolls On Balayya For Manhandled His Assistant

Natasimha Nandamuri Balakrishna lost his cool again and he is in news for wrong reasons now!!!! It is known that Balakrishna’s new film under KS Ravikumar Chowdary was officially launched on Today in RFC, Hyderabad. During the launching event, Balakrishna lost his cool and showed his temperament on his assistant!!!!!

One video was circulating wide in social media, that Balakrishna slapped his assistant and asked him to tie his shoe laces. Once again his rude behavior towards his assistant has come out!!! This entire situation has happened in front of the film crew and Director KS Ravi Kumar has witnessed it, but no one has dared to talk against Balakrishna. Reportedly everyone present (including the director) were taken aback by this gesture of Balayya, that left the assistant embarrassed.

It is known that earlier also Balakrishna kicked off his Political party assistant in a road show  during the political meet  in his Constituency Hindupur, later on he has broken fan’s mobile during the “Guathami Putra Satakarni” preview show  who is trying to take Balakrishna selfie and now again he beaten up in 102nd Film launching event. Every time Balayya’s rude behavior in public making his fans and assistants embarrassed.

Netizens have started trolling Balakrishna for his arrogant and rude behavior towards his assistants. The things are completely gone the wrong way on social media where Political trolls are also started against Balakrishna.

Balayya fans are also helpless to cover this incident but they are trying their best to give a strong reply on these negative trolls. Let us wait and how the Balakrishna will cover the issue which went viral on media.

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