Troubles are not leaving “Komaram Puli”.

It is learnt that much awaited and hyped film Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s “Komaram Puli” is going to hit the theatres on September 10th but, still the troubles are not leaving it, earlier it had faced with title controversy and now, once again it is facing title issue. Yes, after Komaram Bheem’s descendants giving stroke in the name of “Konedela Pilli”, today Osmania University JAC has issued warning to producers and distributors on its release that Our Telangana students will attack the theatres where this film will be screened and we will halt the release until the title of movie will be changed.

Analysts are expecting that the persons behind OU JAC are KCR, Harish Rao and Kavitha. Even after a series of controversies hitting the film, these three Telangana leaders remained tight lipped about the film, even after the release date is announced. An insider from TRS office says that the mega leaders of Telangana were planning a guerrilla attack on the theatres exhibiting “Komaram Puli”.

Already, this movie is releasing with deficit and producers are bearing a loss due to the postponements of the film. If the entire Telangana area is taken by a storm of protests tomorrow, makers of the film cannot recover for sure.

Lets us wait till tomorrow will “Komaram Puli” roars in Telangana Region. 

Troubles are not leaving “Komaram Puli”.
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