Can We Trust Akash Instead of Puri?

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Star Director Puri Jagannadh who once delivered Sensational Hits is going through a rough patch for the last few years. He had pinned all his hopes on Mehbooba introducing his son Akash Puri as a lead hero. The trailer of the film released recently has positive vibes and Dil Raju bagged the theatrical rights of both the Telugu States for a fancy price. The movie is all set for a grand release on May 11th as Summer Special. As the release date draws closer, the promotions of the film are picking pace.
In the promotional meets of the film so far, Akash sounded very confident about the film. On one occasion, he said he is not being introduced by his father but he is reintroducing Puri Jagannadh the director with Mehbooba and now the actor says his no one will ever say Puri is Back going further because Puri will never go back after Mehbooba. The confidence is really admirable. With back to back flops, Puri almost lost the confidence of the audience. For once, Can We Trust Akash More than Puri? If the film becomes as hit, both Puri Jagannadh and Akash will be very relaxed and feel assured about their future.

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