Thupaki Ramudu Movie Review

Thupaki Ramudu Movie Review

Movie: Thupaki Ramudu 

Rating: 1.75/5

Behind Story 

Bittiri Satti (Chevella Ravi) is well-known to Telugu audience with his Political Satire Program on a Popular News Channel. He also forayed into films and is doing some comedian rules in recent times. Satti has turned a hero with a film titled Thupaki Ramudu. The movie is releasing today. Let us see how the audience receives it in the theaters.


Thupaki Ramudu (Bittiri Satti) is an orphan who is a well-wisher for his people and village. He is one guy who cares for everyone and wants to see them happy every time. One day, Ramudu falls in love with a girl. But his life undergoes radical changes with her entry. Who is she? What changes does she bring in his life and what happens next? forms the rest.


Bittiri Satti is at ease in comedy sequences but he is still amateurish in action sequences and emotions scenes. We even feel him very awkward in emotional scenes. Priya, a newcomer is seen as the heroine in the film and has come up with a decent performance. However, she struggled a bit in lip-sync at places. Rasamayi Balakrishna is also seen in a little role and he is okay. The rest of the characters are fine.


T Prabhakar has made a film with Telangana Backdrop and Telangana Slang is used in the movie. The director tried to blend comedy and emotions but since Bittiri Satti did not fit well in the action part and emotional sequences, the movie could not connect to the audience. Moreover, the story is routine and stuffed with bland scenes. Prabhakar also scored music for the film. Songs have Telangana touch while the background score is okay. Cameraman tried to capture the rural side of Telangana. The Production Values are disappointing. Editing is also disappointing.


Bittiri Satti is known for his comical side but the makers tried to blend the film with emotions and action sequences. That itself killed the total experience. Bittiri Satti has to improve a lot to become a hero or chose subjects in his elements. Finally, Thupaki Ramudu is very much disappointing and may not sustain at the box office.

Movie Marks:

Thupaki Ramudu: Lacks the Fire

Cast and Crew

Director: T Prabhakar

Cast: Bithiri sathi, Priya, and others

Producer: Rasamayi Balakrishnan

Editor: Janaki Rama Rao P

Released On October 25th, 2019