Turkey Kodi becomes a sensation

Nabha natesh turkey kodi becomes a sensation

Last updated on July 23rd, 2019 at 12:57 am

When a film becomes a blockbuster everyone associated with the film gets benefitted. iSmart Shankar is the biggest hit fo the season and the film has given a new lease of life to everyone associated with it. But Nabha Natesh seems to be the one who has got the maximum mileage with the success of this film.

She portrayed the role of fiery, massy, naughty and raunchy role of Chandini in iSmart Shankar and people have loved her performance. Her bold attitude, her massy cuss words seems to have hit a chord with the mass and youth audience. Ram calls her ‘Turkey Kodi’ in the film which has caught on like wildfire. Just like Ileana, who became famous overnight after Pokiri, iSmart Shankar turned out to be Nabha’s ticket to stardom.

Let’s hope she maintains this momentum and wisely chooses her next movies as many producers are already waiting outside her gates for their next.

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