TV Channels Now Ignoring Bandla Ganesh

Actor cum Producer Bandla Ganesh has joined the party in the Presence of the Congress President Rahul Gandhi a couple of months in anticipation of a ticket from Rajendranagar or Jubilee Hills or Shadnagar in the coming elections. Bandla is always interested in Politics but the debut has been delayed for various reasons. Bandla strongly batted for Congress in various interviews making funny comments. He also took oath as MLA in a TV studio imitating ‘Bharath Ane Nenu’ dialogue that went viral on social media. All these interviews got so much of traction.

But then, Congress has refused seat for him. Just as a consolation, Congress has made him the Official Spokesperson of the party in a bid to pacify him. Interestingly, TV Media which has encouraged Bandla Ganesh big time initially totally is evading the film producer now and he is barely seen on Television. Probably, Bandla Ganesh may also have lost interest in politics after not getting the seat. Bandla Ganesh’s joining Congress came as a surprise because he always claims to be Bhakt of Pawan Kalyan and did not join Janasena Party