Two Telugu Heroines in USA Prostitution Racket?

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The Federal Police of the United States has busted a Prostitution Racket involving some Tollywood heroines who go there in the name of attending cultural fests organized by various Telugu Associations. The Police have nabbed a couple – Kishan Modugumudi (35) and his wife Chandra Modugumudi who are organizing the racket. Cops found some ledgers of sex acts performed by each actress. Chandra Modugumudi wife of Kishan Modugumudi made these ledgers of sex acts to gauge the money they got from this flesh trade. Victims (actresses) also allege harassment by Modugumudi couple if they told law enforcement the truth about what she did while in the country.

The seized ledgers helped find the names of all those who are involved. The latest we hear is that the names of two Tollywood heroines have cropped up in this issue. Sources say that they are regular faces at the Telugu Association conferences that happen in the US. One of these heroines attended this conference recently and thanked the organizers for helping her participate in this event. Sources also tell us that another prominent heroine from Bengaluru also finds herself in the mess. Needless to say, those involved are having scary nights since the racket is busted.

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