U Turn Movie Review

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Movie: U Turn
Rating: 3.25/5.0
Behind the Screens:
Samantha who got married recently is carefully planning to extend her career. She is treading the path of variety and experimentation. She has attempted a Thriller movie with U Turn, the remake of a Kannada Blockbuster. Let us see how the audience receives the movie releasing Today.
Rachana (Samantha) is a journalist who wants to figure out the reason for the Public’s lack of common sense. She starts collecting the details of the people who flout traffic rules to take a U-Turn and cut-short their journey. But then, it entangles her into an unexplained mess and she finds herself in a case which is being investigated by Inspector, Nayak (Aadhi Pinnisetty). What is the reason behind this mysterious happenings? How the case is solved? forms the rest.
Star Shine:
Samantha is superb in what can be said as a very challenging and demanding role. She performed really well in some tense sequences which helped the awe factor in the film. On the flipside, her dubbing in the first half is patchy. Aadhi Pinnisetty who is seen as Police Inspector came up with a subtle performance. Rahul Ravindran is good in the role he is offered. Bhumika gets a limited role and she is good in that.
Pawan Kumar, the director who made the original did minor tweaks to the Telugu version but he should have worked more on improving the pace which is the heart of any thriller. Music by Poornachandra Tejaswi is an asset to the film as the re-recording elevates few scenes to the next level. The camera work by Niketh Bommireddy enhances the mood of the film. Suresh Armugam’s editing is okay. Production Values are appropriate.

The first half of the film is slightly dragged initially and things pick up with the interval bang which packs a solid punch. Even though the proceedings begin a bit slow in the second half, things recover quickly after that. The Climax is again good. Correcting the pace issues and a more vivid explanation of the climax should have done wonders for the film. Finally, U Turn is an exciting thriller with an excellent twist. The performance of Samantha and Aadhi Pinnisetty takes thing to the next level and should appreciate for trying something out of box.

Movie Marks:
U Turn: Exciting Thriller
Cast: Samantha, Aadhi Pinnisetty, Bhumika, and others
Writing and Direction: Pawan Kumar
Producer: Srinivasa Chitturi; Rambabu Bandaru
DOP: Niketh Bommireddy
Music: Poornachandra Tejaswi
Editor: Suresh Armugam
Banner: Srinivasaa Silver Screen, VY Combines and BRB Creations

Release Date: 13th September 2018.

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