Rewind 2019: Out Of The Blue Hits in 2019

Unexpected Surprising Hits of 2019

2019 has seen Blockbusters, Hits, Flops, and Disasters but there have been some break out films which no one expected to make a mark. They came out of where and blasted the silver screens with new ideas, novel execution and brilliant performances. We list down the surprising hits of 2019 in Tollywood.

1. Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya: When this film with Naveen Polishetty was launched and was about to release, no one had any confidence in its box office fate. But after the release, the positive word of mouth spread like wildfire and made this film a run-away success. We expect to see its sequel soon.

2. Brochevarevarura: The fresh and novel flavor of this movie was a breath of fresh air in the industry. This crime-comedy made everyone laugh their hearts out and also gave a nice message in the end about parenting.

3. 118: Kalyanram was going through a disastrous phase before 118 happened, so the expectations from this film were zilch. But after the release, 118 surprised everyone with its theme and engaging screenplay with some spellbinding performances from the cast.

4. Mathu Vadalara: The film that released last week has turned out to be one of the best films of the year. The film has been a favorite with all kinds of audiences for its fantastic comedy and mix of genres.

5. Arjun Suravaram: The most unexpected hit has to be Nikhil’s crime thriller film, Arjun Suravaram. After its innumerable delays, no one in their wild dreams would have guessed the hit business of the film. But all credit goes to Nikhil for promoting, standing up with the film during all the hassles and finally making sure it reaches its target audience. Arjun Suravaram with its story, execution, and solid action became one of the biggest successes for Nikhil.

Let us hope 2020 delivers more of Agent Athreyas, Mathu Vadalaras as Tollywood desperately needs a reinvention.