Unique Promotions for 2.0 First Look Teaser

The makers of Superstar Rajinikanth and Sensational Filmmaker Shankar’s 2.0 is gearing up for its First Look Teaser release on 13th of this month as Vinayaka Chaviti Special. The movie teaser will release in 2D and 3D format as well. The movie will release in select theaters across the globe. The makers are giving free ticket to the film’s First Look Teaser. All one has to do is to give a missed call to watch the Teaser Premiere in a PVR and Sathyam Theater near you. 2.0 is releasing on November 29th across the globe.

The movie budget has crossed more than 400 Crore and is costliest in Indian Cinema. This is the first time British Beauty Amy Jackson is romancing the Superstar. Oscar Awardee AR Rahman is composing music for the film. He scored music for Robot as well. Buzz is that Rajinikanth will be seen in a Triple role in the film even though it is not officially confirmed. 2.0 will be high on action, sources within the movie team tell us. We are told that more than 20 Hollywood Stunt Masters are part of the film and they include big names like Kenny Bayes, Dermot Brogan, Steve Griffin, Travis Wong etc. As many as 3000 technicians across the globe are working on the film.