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Upendra Madhav who earlier worked as an associate writer for Dookudu, Aagadu, Baadshah and Bruce Lee  is turning into a director with Nandamuri Kalyan Ram’s MLA – Manchi Lakshanalunna Abbayi which is releasing on 23rd of this month. MyFirstShow.com caught up with the debut director on this occasion and here are the excerpts of the interview.
You Entered Industry in 2006 and now making your debut as a director. How does it feel?
I entered the industry in 2006 and worked in the direction department. I turned into a writer since Dookudu and worked with Srinu Vaitla till Bruce Lee. I am known for dialogues and treatment.
Your Background?
I am from Jonnalagadda, Guntur District. I came here with the ambition of becoming a director. After working for some small and medium films initially, I also used to work for small ads and corporate films. That experience helped me later on. It was then I developed expertise in writing. I met Gopimohan and Kona Venkat through a common friend and thus reached Srinu Vaitla’s team. I wanted to become a director but got a chance as writer unexpectedly. The stint helped me as a director as well.
Is Upendra Madhav Your Screen Name?
My full name is Vintha Upendra Reddy but I do not want to flaunt it in the industry. Everyone in the industry knows me as Upendra. Even after working with Vaitla for four years, he does not know I am Reddy. He knew it only after seeing my passport. I became Upendra Madhav since my brother, Madhav Reddy supported me big time.
You Worked with Several Genres in Direction and Writing. What is MLA?
MLA is a full-length commercial entertainer. I incorporated all the elements of emotions, comedy, heroism which are expected from a Kalyan Ram film.
How is it working with Kajal?
The film revolves totally around the heroine. We need a known heroine for getting that believability. So, we got Kajal onboard. Producers worked with her in Nene Raju Nene Mantri so they brought her in.
Political Touch in the film?
MLA is not a regular political film. There is a little political touch but it is more of a commercial comedy entertainer. Kalyan Ram wanted to have everything of the film in the trailer.
Your Best Memory of the film?
The film itself is a fantastic memory. It is a treat to work with a star like Kalyan Ram and have a huge cast. I was very thrilled to have Prasad Murella, a busy cameraman on board. The co-operation of producers is amazing. They almost spent triple of what I quoted. I am delighted that they trusted a newcomer like me. I am really thankful for Kalyan Ram and My Producers.
You worked with many directors. Who is the Best?
No Doubt it is Srinu Vaitla. He respects the opinions and inputs of everyone and listens to them carefully. But there is no influence of him on the film. Vaitla mark Bakra comedy is done and dusted. Even Vaitla has moved on from that. MLA will not have that. It will have clean comedy. Fun is initiated from the dialogues.
What is the highlight of MLA?
I am confident that the audience who come to the theaters will not be disappointed. The comedy and dialogues will entertain them a big way. Our runtime is also only 2 hours 9 minutes. So the audience will enjoy it completely with good feel and subtle message.
Your Next Commitments?
I have many scripts. I am totally involved in MLA and will move on to my next project only after MLA Release and the promotions are complete.

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