US Distributors Got Shock for Summer Releases

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Summer Season is peak time for the entire film industry, almost all top heroes & producers schedule to release their films in summer to encash holiday session. Coming, summer is going to be a celebratory season with back to back huge budget much-excited films releases. Almost all the Tollywood top heroes much-awaited films are in the queue for grand release from March to May 2018.
In the line up of top heroes much hyped films releases, suddenly Telugu Films distributors in the US has received a big shock from one of the popular theatre chains in the USA. According to the reports, one of the popular theatre chains in the USA, Cinemark has given a big shock to USA South Films Distributors and exhibitors on today by increasing the percent of theatre share which will be applicable from March 1st onwards.
Reports share, “So far the distributor will get minimum 40 % share from this theatre chain, only when the film collects $75K in all released centers of Cinemark chain. If the collections of the movie increase, the percent share ratio also increases. But now according to the new rule. The distributor will get their minimum 40% share from Cinemark chain if and only if the film collects minimum $125 K in all released centers of Cinemark chain. That means the film needs to collect more than $50,000 from the earlier scale which is quite difficult for an average film.”
Based on this new scale, USA distributor will get very less share from this chain for an average film which is impossible to collect $125 K from single theatre chain.  If the film gets negative reviews. And flop talk than a distributor who bought screening rights for huge amounts gets a minimal share. This might be a big shock to entire South Film Industry, especially to USA South films distributors.
This change in Cinemark scale system will definitely affect the US distribution market. And there might be a lot of changes in USA business of upcoming Summer releases. Producers who are excepting huge amounts from USA screening rights. And quoting hefty amounts for USA distribution rights needs to cut down their price.  Let us wait and see what change of number game will get in USA screening rights for forthcoming Telugu films.

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