Jaanu Live Review

Jaanu, the official remake of Kollywood flick 96, is all set to hit screens on the 7th of February. Samantha and Sharwanand are reprising the lead roles in this remake, which is being directed by C Prem Kumar.

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MyFirstShow Jaanu Live Review Rating: 2.75/5

Final Talk: The second half is dead slow as the scenes are dragged on endlessly between Sharwa and Samantha with no other characters. There are some very good episodes like the 10th class scenes but they are few and far. The director has put in a lot of effort to recreate the magic of 96 but somewhere the soul got diluted in some parts. The performances are the mainstay of the film. Sharwanand impresses after a long time and Samantha hits it out of the park.  Vennela Kishore, Thaagubothu Ramesh, and others didn’t get much scope. Music is good and BGM heightens the emotional impact in many scenes. Dil Raju seems to have made Jaanu on a shoe-string budget as we see the production values are limited. Jaanu is an emotional film for die-hard romantics who want to revisit their first love. The film is for the class audience as the masses will not get connected to such dry film. At the box office, it might not create any wonders.

Punchline: Okay Jaanu

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8:08 AM: With a simple emotional climax the movie comes to an end. THE END.

8:01 AM: Ram and Jaanu confess their love for each other. Love sentiment scenes going on.

7:54 AM: Praanam song going on now. Another feel good emotional song.

The scenes are getting dragged for no reason which is taking away the sheen of the film.

7:39 AM: It is revealed that due to a miscommunication Ram and Jaanu couldn’t meet during their college days.

7:20 AM: The second half stars with Jaanu trying to find out why Ram didn’t marry. Jaanu makes Ram handsome by getting his beard trim.

First half: The first half, though slow, is quite decent in terms of narration. The feel-good factor works as the audience is drawn into the love story of Ram and Jaanu. The high school episodes have come out well which might connect with the viewers who are emotionally inclined. If the second half of the film can maintain the tempo of emotions Jaanu will be a winner.

6:47 AM: The high school flashback scenes come to an end. Samantha comes to know that Sharwa is still unmarried.  INTERVAL. 

6:39 AM: The film is shifted to present and Samantha makes an entry as Jaanu finally. The film again goes into flashback mode where Ram takes a TC from school suddenly.

6:18 AM:  The film shifts to flashback. Sharwa and Jaanu childhood scenes going on.

6:04 AM: Sharwa and his childhood friends Vennela Kishore and Thagubothu Ramesh plan for a reunion of school mates in Hyderabad

5:55 AM: Varsha Bollamma of Choosi Choodangaane fame taks Sharwa (Ram) to Vizag.

5:49 AM: Sharwa is introduced as travel photographer with the song Life of Ram.

5:45 AM: Showtime Jaanu