Uyyalawada Descendants Arrested

Sye Raa Controversy Takes An Ugly Turn

Banjara Hills Police have taken some descendants of Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy into custody after they staged a protest in front of Konidela Production Company office. They claim that Twenty Two descendants were promised a sum of 2 Crore as royalty, but the producer never kept his promise. In turn, they have filed a nuisance case on some of the protesting descendants and got them arrested.

Those arrested claim that an agreement was signed by Sye Raa team in the presence of Rashtra Chiranjeevi Yuvatha, Ravanam Swami Naidu and Ram Charan PA Avinash. It has to be seen where this issue leads to. Sye Raa is all set for a grand release on October 2nd as Gandhi Jayanthi Special.