Vacuum At Telugu Box Office Helps Bollywood Biggie

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The Vacuum at the Telugu Box Office is still on. The theaters are wearing a deserted look with no audience, and the trade is getting massive losses. This weekend is no different. Except for Cheekati Gadhilo Chitakotudu which created some buzz with its sleaze content, there are no notable releases. Even that film is getting bad reviews.

This Vacuum has come as an advantage to Akshay Kumar’s Bollywood film, Kesari. The movie is attracting the Multiplex Audience, and most shows are in Fast Filling Status in Hyderabad over the weekend. But then, Kesari also did not get good talk and reviews which means the movie may not capitalize on this Vacuum at the Telugu Box Office. The Trade and the audience are eagerly waiting for the release of Naga Chaitanya and Samantha’s Majili on April 5th.

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