Vajra Kavachadhara Govindha Review

Last updated on August 2nd, 2019 at 12:42 pm

Movie: Vajra Kavachadhara Govindha

Rating: 1.5/5

Director: Arun Pawar

Behind the Scenes:

Comedian Sapthagiri who is trying his luck as a hero in the recent times has teamed up with Powerstar Pawan Kalyan’s Longtime Associate, Arun Pawar for a film titled Vajra Kavachadhara Govindha. Let us see how Vajra Kavachadhara Govindha is received by the audience:


Govinda (Sapathagiri) wants to help the people in his village who are dying with cancer like an epidemic. He seeks the help of the local MLA, Lakshmi Prasanna (Archana) in helping them but only to get cheated. Now, he gets another chance to save them in the form of treasure. But more troubles await him as he sets on the treasure hunt. What happens next in Govinda’s Treasure Hunt forms the rest of the story.

Star Shine:

Sapthagiri as always walks through the role effortlessly. The Treasure Hunt scenes after the memory loss are hilarious. However, he should realize that over-emphasize on dances, fights, etc are not required and he should focus more on comedy. Vaibhavi Joshi, the heroine offers glamour and also performs well. The actor who played the villain did well. Srinivas Reddy, Venu, and other comedians are okay in parts. Rest of the artists have also performed okay.


Arun Pawar has got a routine story and failed to translate into the big screen. Several scenes especially in the second half are logic-less and come without any purpose. The cinematography worked here and there. Bulganin disappointed with the music album and the background score is average. Editing has been a huge disappointment. Production Values are average.


The film has a slow start with the director taking too much of time in establishing the village problem and the hero characterization. Even after that, he bores the audience with several unnecessary scenes and lackluster comedy. The second half turns even worse. The director looked completely clueless and seems to have stuffed whatever that comes into his mind. Even the comedy has been forced and without any logic. In a way, the movie serves no purpose whatsoever.

Movie Marks:

Vajra Kavachadhara Govindha: Purposeless and Boring

Cast: Sapthagiri, Vaibhavi Joshi and others
Screenplay and Direction: Arun Pawar
Music: Bulganin
Cinematography: Praveen Vanamali
Editor: Kishore Maddali
Producer: Narendra Edala and GVN Reddy
Banner: Siva Sivam Films
Release Date: 14th June 2019

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