Valmiki Movie Review

Movie: Valmiki Alias Gaddalakonda Ganesh

Rating: 2.5/5

Director: Harish Shankar

Behind Screens

Mega Prince Varun Tej who is trying different genres to expand his fan base, is trying a mass film with Harish Shankar who gave a smashing hit to Pawan Kalyan with Gabbar Singh. The movie titled Valmiki has stirred a huge controversy before the release, and its name has to be changed to Gaddalakonda Ganesh in the eleventh hour. Finally, the movie released. Let us see how the audience receives it in the theaters.


Abhilash (Atharva) is an upcoming director who is very ambitious and is planning to make a film on a criminal. For that, he selects Gaddalakonda Ganesh (Varun Tej) a brutal criminal. He meets Ganesh and later reveals his mission. When it is revealed, Ganesh shocks him by asking to cast him as Hero. Rest of the story is all about how the film happens.


Varun Tej, who is known for portraying soft roles until now will amaze us with his excellent transformation as a hardcore criminal, a complete mass character. His dialogue delivery and body language also suited the character. Tamil Actor Atharva does a decent debut, and so is Mrinalini Ravi. Pooja Hegde will be seen in a guest role and is good. Comedian Satya is hilarious in his role. Brahmaji and the one who played the teacher are good as well. Racha Ravi is okay, and so is Supriya Pathak.


Harish Shankar will get mixed marks for his work in the film. His biggest achievement is the amazing makeover of Varun Tej. Even though he made some changes and stuffed with good comedy, the movie still has the Tamil Flavour. However, he lost the plot by missing basic emotions and lengthy run time. The conflict point is also weak. A better second half would have done wonders. Camerawork by Ayanaka Bose with a specific tone is amazing. Mickey J Meyer came up with an okay music album, but the background score is excellent. The movie is a tad lengthy, and there are some unnecessary scenes as well that could be trimmed. Production Values are excellent.


Varun Tej’s makeover and performance is the biggest highlight of Valmiki. The first half of the film is average with comedy working here and there. Harish missed the trick in Second Half with dragged screenplay and lengthy run time. All in all, the movie becomes a Must-Watch for Varun Tej fans for his transformation, and the others may find it tough to enjoy it.

Movie Marks:

Varun Tej Sizzles, Movie Fizzles

Cast: Varun Tej , Pooja Hedge, Atharvaa Murali, and Others.

Music director: Mickey J Meyer

Release Date 20th September 2019