Valmiki Live Review

Mega hero Varun Tej’s forthcoming flick Valmiki which has been titled as ‘Gaddalakonda Ganesh’ now due to protests, is all set for a grand release on the 20th of September. The film which is an official remake of Kollywood flick Jigarthanda is being directed by Harish Shankar. Atharva Murali is playing the lead role while Varun will be seen as a baddie, Gaddalakonda Ganesh. Varun’s makeover to suit the character of Gaddalakonda Ganesh has impressed the fans and the movie lovers very much. Ram Achanta and Gopi Achanta are bankrolling the venture under their 14 Reels Plus banner while Pooja Hegde is the leading lady in it. Valmiki is releasing with a decent buzz and let us wait and see how well the film impresses the audience.

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Live Review rating: 2.5/5

The first half of the film was far better than the second half. The second half just went on and on with dragged screenplay. The flashback episode was absolutely dull and drab. The climax was also not up to the mark. Harish Shankar’s choice of subject went wrong again. The story has too much of Tamil flavor which the Telugu family audience will find difficult to get connected. Almost 3 hours of run-time is also another downer for a film that is not engaging. The camera work is good. The songs also worked out well. The production values are decent. Except for Varun Tej’s performance and some comedy here and there, the film has nothing to boast of. Varun Tej has all the qualities in him to be a superstar but he should avoid lousy scripts like this one. The film will face a rough time at the box-office.

Punchline: Varun Tej Garam, Valmiki Thanda

6:07 AM: The End. The rolling titles has some special appearances. 

6:00 AM: The film is heading towards climax with some sentiment scenes going on. YAWNNN!

5:35 AM: Gani getting trained for the movie. Some forced comedy going on. Finally movie gets released.

5:20 AM: One twist here and now Gani himself wants to act as the lead in the movie to be directed by Atharvaa but Atharvaa doesn’t agree

5:14 AM: It’s time for the raunchy item song ‘Jarra Jarra’ and it is the best song of the film. The masses are gonna love it for sure. 

5:10 AM: The dull flashback episode ends on a solid note. The lovers get separated and Nagineedu takes Varun away to Gaddalakonda where he turns into the monster named Gaddalakonda Ganesh. 

5:01 AM: Time for the much-hyped song ‘Velluvachi Godharamma’. Its a decent song with enough skin show from the dusky Pooja Hegde.

4:57 AM: After much pursuance, Pooja Hegde finally accepts Gani’s proposal.

4:45 AM: Atharvaa befriends Gani and Gani starts telling him his life story to make a movie on him. The movie shifts to flashback and Pooja Hegde enters as Sridevi and Varun Tej is deeply in love with her.

The first half of the film is so-so with nothing exciting except Varun Tej’s performance. His role and performance is the sole and biggest highlight of the movie. Atharvaa is just decent and so is Mrinalini. The comedy works in bits. Overall an average first half and second half holds the key if the movie has to succeed. 

4:30 AM: Gaddalakonda Ganesh (Gani) comes to know someone in his gang is cheating on him. He finds a mic installed by Atharvaa in his gang which Gani finds out. He declares on the mic that he will find out the infiltrator and kill him in 11 minutes. INTERVAL

4:05 AM: Some cute romance going on between Atharva and Mrinalini with the song ‘Gagana Veedhilo’. The song is good.

4:02 AM: Atharva is trying to reach out to Gaddalakonda through Mrinalini by impressing her, who is kinda close relative to Gaddalakonda.

As of now except for Varun Tej’s superlative screen presence as Gaddalakonda Ganesh, not much happening in the film. The film lights up whenever Varun Tej is on-screen.

3:51 AM: Time for Mrinalini Ravi’s entry as Bujjamma

3:45 AM: Time for Waka Waka song as Gaddalakonda finishes off his opponents in style and Atharvaa secretly follows him.

3:36 AM: Comedian Sathya plays the childhood friend of Atharvaa. Both are in cinema trails

3:30 AM: Atharvaa dreams of making his own movie and in his story, the villain is the hero. Varun Tej as Gaddalakonda Ganesh enters. Superb stylish entry. Varun’s getup is good.

3:25 AM: Atharvaa is a struggling assistant director but is kicked out by his director. Raghu Babu plays the kind-hearted producer. 

3:20 AM: Show Time Valamiki alias Gaddalakonda Ganesh 

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