No Value for Nani in Bigg Boss House

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The Second Season of the Popular TV Show, Bigg Boss is doing sensationally well with the audience connecting to the controversial participants. Natural Star Nani who got applause initially for his hosting skills came under the radar now. Nani is accused of being partial to some contestants while being insensitive to Kaushal who has got a tremendous following.

Also many feel Nani is not commanding enough respect from the participants. Many see Young Tiger NTR used to be a perfect host commanding respect from everyone and they say it is probably due to his stardom. They say the participants are taking the actor granted. Also, the elimination and rejoining of the participants are also becoming a huge mess. It is not known why candidates like Shyamala and Nuthan Naidu were eliminated in the first place and were brought back later. Nani has to work a lot to match to the hosting skills of Tarak. The first season of Bigg Boss got tremendous popularity more due to the Weekend Episodes while in this season, the controversies of the participants in the weekdays are bringing more TRP ratings. There are already the demands to change the host for the next season of the show.

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