Vamshi’s Project Shelved Due To Mahesh’s Greed?

Mahesh Babu is one of the costliest actors in the country right now. Because of his high remuneration, some of his last films couldn’t bring many profits to the makers. Maharshi didn’t yield any profits to the producers. That is the reason Dil Raju got Nizam and Vizag rights for cheap. PVP didn’t get even that kind of compensation. Sarileru Neekevvaru yielded some profits mostly due to the Sankranthi season or else even Anil Sunkara’s bank statement would have ended in the red.

Now that brings us to the real reason why Mahesh-Dil Raju-Vamshi Paidipally project got shelved. Namrata, on behalf of Mahesh, has been demanding 50 crores non-theatrical revenue as Mahesh’s fees. He just has to up his market with every film and cannot go down. And Mahesh can’t refuse a film based on remuneration because of moral ethics. So Mahesh and Namrata, then, found a way to reject the film by saying the script of the film didn’t reach their expectations.

So remuneration issues, and not script were the real reason behind Mahesh not doing Paidipally film. We can say, Mahesh is a Pakka commercial Superstar!