Varun Tej A special Attraction in Fun Day Episode

Bigg Boss 3 last night episode is one of the most entertaining one in recent time. Varun Tej joined Bigg Boss house to promote his film, Gaddalakonda Ganesh. Varun Tej’s way of interaction with housemates attracted the viewers.

Nagarjuna asked the women in the house to propose Varun tej. In this task, Vitika proposed in Bheemavaram accent and Shivajyothy proposed Varun in Telangana accent. In the end, Nagarjuna and Varun felt Shivajyothy proposal as the best.

On the other hand, in the proposal task, Varun Teased Punarnavi. He said Punarnavi had proposed somewhere that’s why she is not proposing him.

When it comes to nominations as expected Himaja eliminated. After coming on to the stage, she shed tears. Later she labeled the housemates Jyothy, Ravi, Varun, Sreemukhi as good on flip side Mahesh, Punarnavi, Vitika as bad.