Venky Mama Live Review

Venky Mama, the much-awaited multi starrer is releasing this week. Victory Venkatesh and Naga Chaitanya are sharing screens space in this film directed by Bobby. Raashi Khanna and Payal Rajput are playing female lead roles. Suresh Productions and Peoples Media Media Factory are jointly bankrolling this project.

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Venky Mama Live Review rating: 2.5/5

The second half is not better than first half which was atleast some fun in parts. As the film approaches the climax it becomes a total mess due to the military angle in the story which doesn’t gel or work with the main narrative. The much-publicized Kashmir fight is OTT and will be not be digested by many. Venkatesh and Naga Chaitanya have done their best but they couldn’t rise above the ordinay script. Raashi Khanna and Payal Rajput got some footage in the first half while they went missing in the second. The music is ordinary but re-recording and cinematography are the positives. The main culprit is Bobby who wasted a golden opportunity of utilizing the dream combo of Venkatesh and Naga Chaitanya. His choice of subject and the way he handled it, leaves a lot to be desired. The film might attract some family audience for the sentiment but other than that there is nothing much to recommend. Due to the craze of Venky-Chay combo the film might scrape through the weekend but after that it will be a uphill task for Venky Mama at the box office.

Punchline: Mama Couldn’t Rescue Alludu At The Box office

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4:05 AM: The movie ends on a delightful note. THE END

4:00 AM: The movie heading towards climax. The much publicized action episode in the Himlayan Valleys of Kashmir has been shot in superb locations.

3:54 AM: Chay goes on an important mission and gets stuck in Pakistan. After sentiment it’s time for some chest thumping nationalism. Venkatesh declares he will go and get him back from POK. 

3:41 AM: The real reason for Chay leaving Venkatesh and joining the Army is revealed.

3:33 AM: Due to a misunderstanding created by Rao Ramesh, Venkatesh slaps Naga Chaitanya. Mama-Alludu part their ways.

3:20 AM: Mama-Alludu dance time now with the HIT ‘Pepsi Cola’ song. Entertaining song colorfully shot with good dose of glamor from Payal Rajput and Rashi Khanna. Complete Mass.

3:14 AM: The second half starts and some army scenes with Venky,  Chay and Prakash Raj as Army Officer Jaydev going on before the film shifts to flash back mode again.

The film starts off well but goes off track in the romantic portions. The audience expecting non-stop comedy from Venkatesh will be slightly disappointed. The film is no great shakes as of now but also not bad. The interval fight and the twist raises nice expectations for a solid second half. The second half is very crucial for Venky Mama now.

2:59 AM: The first half ends with a small twist that is related to Venky and Chay’s life and death. INTERVAL.

2:57 AM: Dasari Arun comes to kill Naga Chaitanya to settle score with Venkatesh. Temple Jathara fight going on. It has been shot well and will boost the audience interest. 

2:53 AM: Venkatesh turns out to be the reason for Chay and Rashi Khanna’s breakup and now Venkatesh going into the routine sacrificial mode for his alludu. Finally Chay and Rashi patch up after some emotional drama.

2:45 AM: Venky and Payal get into retro romantic mode with Yennellako song. The song doesn’t impress.

The film started off well but is now losing track.

2:30 AM: Dasari’s long forgotten son Arun makes a surprising appearance in a negative role.

2:25 AM: Some confusion comedy going on between lead pairs.

2:21 AM: Naga Chaitanya and Rashi Khanna have their own love flashback which is being revealed now. Time for Nuvvu Nenu song. Decent love song.

2:10 AM: Payal Rajput enters as a school teacher in the village. Rashi Khanna also makes an entry as Naga Chaitanya’s ex-gf who is also the daughter of MLA played by Rao Ramesh.

2:06 AM: Venkatesh remains unmarried to look after Chay. Now Chay decides to get his mama married and he is looking out for a girl. 

1:58 AM: Time for Venky Mama Title Song. The song looks good on screen with Venkatesh and Naga Chaitanya making a great pair as Mama-Alludu. 

1:55 AM: The scenario shifts to present and Naga Chaitanya is missing since 3 years and Venkatesh goes in search of him to Kashmir Border and gets arrested. Time for flashback now.

1:48 AM: It is 1993..Venkatesh’s sister marries against her father Nasser’s wish and dies in an accident leaving her son behind. Venkatesh becomes the caretaker of his nephew (Naga Chaitanya) since childhood.

1:45 AM: Showtime Venky Mama