Vetadu Ventadu movie Review

Movie : Vetadu Ventadu 


Rating : 2.25/5

Director : Thiru

Behind the screens

Telugu boy Vishal who conquered Kollywood and even made a name for himself in Tollywood with his films like Pandem Kodi and Pogaru came with a bilingual entertainer for the first time in his career. Let us see what impact he made with his ‘Vetadu-Ventadu’ on silver screen.

Story Line

Shakti (Vishal) a son of a of a forest ranger in Ooty lands up in Bangkok after receiving a letter and tickets to Bangkok from his ex girl friend Roopa( Sunaina). Shakti seeks the help of co passenger Maya (Trisha) as he is on his first oversees flight. 

However soon he realises that he is in for a trouble as some people respect him as a business tycoon while others bay for his life for being the same. In the midst of all this he comes to know that the flight tickets he received were not sent by his ex lover Sunaina and to the top of it he will be chased by goons for being in the company of Maya. 

In these sudden developments he gets entangled in dangerous fights risking his life. What is the mystery behind all this forms the interesting plot of the story.

Star Shine

Vishal came out with spirited performance in the role. He as usual performed the stunt sequences quite well. His expressions as a naive person visiting first time a foreign place are quite good. Trisha looked good while other stars like JD.Chakravarthy,Manoj Bajpai, Sunaina, Jai Prakash are ok. 


Director Thiru after action packed beginning suddenly changed track and when everyone thought that the film will be dealing with forests and smuggling, flew to Bangkok from Ooty. However he ended the firs half in an interesting manner. But when everyone expected a gripping second half he failed to deliver weaving plots and subplots messing up the entire script with his haphazard screenplay. This weakened the climax of the film as well. 

Many feel he might have been carried over by his quest for creativity. However there are some plus points which is the saving grace. Though the songs acted as speed breakers in the second half one or two will impress viewers.Some of the plots and twists are unexpected. Better execution could have helped the film fined tune its loop holes. 


Production values are ok. Yuan Shankar Raja’s music is just average with nothing much to rave about. Richard’s cinematography is good but could have added more beauty to the film with some creativity. Editing could have been better. Background score is good. 

Movie Marks

Vishal’s performance along couldn’t carry the film over the success boundary line. 

Cast: Vishal, Trisha, Sunaina, Sampath, JD Chakravarthi, and Manoj Bajpai

Direction: Thiru

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja