Veteran Actor Shocking Comments on Sye Raa

Giri Babu was one of the best villains and also character artists of the era gone-by. He has given memorable films with Megastar Chiranjeevi. Recently during an interview he gave some interesting inputs on Chiranjeevi and his last film Sye Raa.

He said, “Chiranjeevi is like my younger brother to me. we share a very close relationship where I don’t have to pretend anything. I can say good or bad things on his face and even he respects my honest character. I told him though he has made a fantastic film like Sye Raa, the gen-X doesn’t appreciate films like these in today’s times. They will watch a fictional story like Baahubali but they won’t connect with the freedom struggle of India and embrace Sye Raa. The youth doesn’t want to see stories on freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose anymore. They only identify films where Chiranjeevi is dancing or fighting, or some young heroes are dancing in a pub and doing romance.”

We must appreciate Giribabu for his honest statements but it might be wrong to blame today’s audience who didn’t appreciate Sye Raa much as the film itself was too long with fake emotions and poor writing.