Viceroy Footage Leaked

Everyone is aware of NTR Life. Most of the Legendary actor’s life was related to the public domain. Especially everyone knows what has happened near Viceroy Hotel in the 90s. Now Ram Gopal Varma’s is showcasing such hard hitting facts in his Lakshmi’s NTR. So TDP Leaders have been desperately trying to stall the release of the film by logging complaints.

However, RGV Is ready to go high court if the EC takes any decision in favor of the TDP. But in the meantime, six minutes footage of Viceroy Episode from Lakshmi’s NTR got leaked. The six minutes footage is now going viral in social media. Many doubt it as a strategy of RGV. Whatever it may be the six minutes footage of Viceroy Episode which was leaked has become a Nightmare for TDP.