Vimala Raman performed Olympics

In one of her recent interviews, “Gayam-2” fame Vimala Raman expressed her views. She said, when she was a child “Mayuri” movie inspired her very much. With this inspiration Vimala Raman learnt Indian Classical Dance forms, even her parents refused her. And she gave more than 200 stage performances throughout the world. She also performed on behalf of India in Olympics opening Ceremony which was held in Sydney, Australia. She said that she was honoured with this performance and she felt proud.

Vimala Raman said that she came to the film industry with more expectations in this field but she was disappointed. Director Balachandar was impressed with her talent and she was introduced in her debut film. But the things turned on the other side. She says, she is playing glamour roles because she never wanted to give-up.  Vimala Raman is ready to prove her real talent and she is waiting for good break.

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Vimala Raman performed Olympics
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