Vinaya Vidheya Rama Live Review

VVR First Live Review and Rating

Last updated on August 2nd, 2019 at 12:36 pm

Live Rating: 2.5/5.0

The second half of the film is like a child video game with un-imaginary action sequences. It’s a realization for Boyapati that the film will not get succeed on action sequences. He needs to focus on the story. Ram Charan and Vivek roles are good Danayya did his part by pumping huge money, into production for unnecessary scenes. Kaira Advani has a limited role but she entertained front rowers with her skin show. Overall the film will be a big disappointment for mega fans. Surely family audience will stay away especially for the second half. 

4.30 AM IST: Vivek Oberai comes to scare people in the village, Sneha warning him about his death. Time for climax fight.

4.20 AM IST: Movie shifted to present Ramcharan family, they came to know the truth that Prasanth was no more

4.15 AM IST: Prashanth is killed by Vivek Oberai and Ramcharan stabs Vivek

A big fight is going on, mega fans may like it. But others may not like this high violence, which is also unrealistic

4.05 AM IST: Vivek oberai take control over his brothers In Bihar border. Ram Charan coming to save them. The scenes are unrealistic. Time for another big fight.

3.55 AM IST: Time for “Rama Loves Sita” song. It is a set song with a number of dancers in the backdrop

3.45 AM IST: Second half begins with a flashback. Bihar CM narrating the story to Sneha about Vivek and his power where Prasanth appointed as Election Commissioner.

Movie is nothing much great nor bad. So far the director made the film travel in a normal storyline with slow narration. Hema and prudhvi bring some smiles. Production values are rich as of now. We have to wait and see how the second half is going to be

3.35 AM IST:  Black Commandos entered into the scene and salutes Ramcharan. First Half comes to end.

3.30 AM IST: At the same Time Vivek Oberai, Attacks Ram Charan. Time for high voltage actions sequence. The fight looks similar to that of sarrainodu interval fight scene.

3.25 AM IST: Mukesh Rishi and His Gang Kidnaps Ramcharan’s Family. Ramcharan Entered the scene and it’s time for an action sequence.

3.20 AM IST: Vivek Oberai’s  Entry  he has recovered from coma and searching for Ramcharan

3.15 AM IST: Time for “Thassadiyya” song. It’s a stylish set song

Hema and Prudhvi Comedy is good

3.10 AM IST: Prasanth gets transferred to Bihar

3.05 AM IST: Time for third song Thandaane Thandaane. It’s a family song and it picturized beautifully and it’s a feast for eyes.

Ram Charan is Trying to imitate Chiranjeevi acting style

3.00 AM IST: Ramcharan goes for finding a match, and he goes to heroines place Kaira Advani Entry and Hama’s entry as Kaira mother and 30 years prudhvi as a dad. Hema Role brings cheers to the audience.

2.55 AM IST: Heated argument between Mukesh Rishi and Ram Charan. Its Time for “Ram Konidela Dialogue” and it is a big treat for mega fans

2.50 AM IST: A heated argument between Mukesh Rishi and Ram Charan. Time for Ram Konidela Dialogue and it is a big treat for mega fans

2.45AM IST: A Fight between Ram Charan and Mukesh Rishi’s gang, this fight is a good one with typical Boyapati style

2.40 AM IST: Prashanth had a clash with Mukesh Rishi, who is a political party leader

2.35 AM IST: Ram Charan’s Brother Prashanth entry as strict election Commissioner Officer

2.30 AM IST: Time for second song “Ek Baar”. It’s a well-picturized song in an eye candy set

2.25 AM IST: All four brothers attain good jobs and name in the society except hero (Ram Charan)

2.20 AM IST: Frames moved forward for Ram Charan Entry with a small Fight, but it was a dream in which he kills Vivek Oberai

2.15 AM IST: Chalapathi Rao entry and he is taking care of these Kids

2.10 AM IST: Time for first song “Amma Nanna”

2.05 AM IST: Four orphans found a baby beside the railway track

2.00 AM IST: Movie just started Titles rolling Showing Orphans Street Life in background

Mega Power Star Ram Charan’s ‘Vinaya Vidheya Rama’ the film is all set to rock near box office from 11th of January. the film has generated huge hype and curiosity among movie lovers with promotional stuff like teaser, posters, and songs. The film has completed its censor formalities and has acquired with ‘U/A’ certificate. Watch this space for live review and it will be updated on 11th – 02:00 AM IST.

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