Virat Kohli says: This is Not A Fairytale

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The teaser of Anushka Sharma’s Pari was out a while ago. The teaser looks really scary and going through the teaser we can say that the film is a horror film which deals with Zombies. The twist will be at the end of the teaser where we can see Anushka covered in blood laughs hysterically. The only one thing we can say after watching the teaser Pari will almost offer all elements you expect in the horror genre.

The teaser is creating a huge noise on the internet and among the viewers. Anushka Sharma’s husband Virat Kohli has also become fida after watching the trailer. Virat Kohli The top run machine of India who watched the trailer can’t stop his excitement and busted on his twitter page. He tweeted “Here’s a REMINDER. This is not a fairytale. #PariTeaser Love it”.

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