Vishwak Sen Taking Nani For a Ride?

Vishwak Sen torture to Nani

Natural Star Nani who is receiving accolades for his performance in the mediocre Gang Leader is planning to produce his next film after AWE. Reportedly, the project will have Falaknuma Das actor Vishwak Sen as the hero. An official announcement regarding the same is awaited soon.

Meanwhile, the latest buzz doing the rounds is that Vishwak Sen himself wants to direct the film, apart from acting in the lead role. The film is apparently a remake like his first film Falaknuma Das. Vishwak Sen didn’t receive any good reviews for his direction or taking. So it would be advisable to take some experienced director, but it seems Vishwak has convinced Nani that no one can do direct the movie better than him.

Nani who is already down because of the flop performance of Gang Leader will not want any more disappointments but if Vishwak is going to take him for a ride then he might be staring at another failure.