Viswaroopam becomes Murky

The ongoing controversy of Kamal Hassan’s Viswaroopam movie has turned into murky yesterday when the Madras High court has directed the state Government to ban the screening of the movie. Earlier when the single Judge has given permission for the screening of the movie thousands of Kamal Hassan fans rushed to theatres to see the movie in almost all the theatres tickets were sold out and the audience were waiting to enter the screening halls however the government and some Muslim outfits appealed against the single judge order alleging that the movie has insulted their religion and sentiments late in the afternoon, the full bench of high court has passed a judgment to ban the movie as it would create law and order problem. As soon as the order was passed, the police immediately started asking the theatre management to stop screening of the movie, this has been created ruckus between the audience and theatre owners. There was arguments among them which resulted damage of theatre glasses, furniture and others items, the fans ransacked some of the theatres in the Chennai. However the police entered into the scene and prevented further damage to the theatres.