Viswaroopam movie review

Viswaroopam movie review

Movie:          Viswaroopam

Rating:         3.25/5

Director:      Kamal Hassan

Behind the screens
When ever any film comes out from Kamal Hassan, then it has all his versatality and class stamped on it. That was the reason why many waited for his ‘Viswaroopam’ the moment it was announced. Finally the wait is over and after few hiccups and film is getting banned momentarily in TN, it hit the screens in a spectacular manner across the world. Let us see what impact Kamal made with his ‘Viswaroopam’ show.

The movie starts in America. Viswanath (Kamal Hassan), who will be seen as Kathak trainer, is surrounded by girls and one among them is Andrea Jeremiah. This makes Dr Nirupama (Pooja Kumar) to doubt on her hubby’s character and hires a police officer, who gets killed by Al-Qaeda group.
The Al-Qaeda is planning to plant a Nuclear Bomb in New York and Kamal Hassan is well-aware of it. Vishwanath and Nirupama soon get entangled in a dangerous plot that seeks to explode a dirty bomb in the heart of New York City. Can they stop Omar and his gang of thugs? What is Vishwanath’s past? That forms the story of ‘Vishwaroopam’.
Star Shine

Kamal Hassan spell bounds all with his performance. He just slided into different shades with ease but except for his expressions as kathak dancer and for 15 minutes, everything is routine and tailor made for him. Pooja Kumar and Andrea Jermia did not get many roles to perform but there are quite hot. Rahul Bose as Omar scored more marks than anyone brining in negative shades to the fore. Sekhar Kapur sizzled in special role as Jagannath. Jaideep Ahlawat supported main villain with mean looks. Others played their roles to perfection.


Kamal should be complimented for being bold enough for choosing international terrorism as main theme. He showed his class with spectacular screenplay and direction and though many films have come in Hollywood with similar subject this is something new on Indian people in Indian languages. 

Kamal seems to have had international viewers in mind, but if he had so then he should have reduced the duration of the film as first half gets bugged with slow narration. Too much is stressed on Afghan terrorists which may not go down well with local movie lovers. 

Pace of the film should have been more racy and though second half picks up, he could have done way with his feminine scenes as Kathak dancer. Inspite of all his efforts the thrill factor is missing here as his role is not effectively woven. 

May be he will iron out all of them in sequel as he already started shooting for it.


Production values are of high standard. Cinematography of Sanu Varghese is excellent and of top notch. He is responsible for the Hollywood standards in the film. Shankar Eshan Loy’s BGM is good but editing Mahesh Narayanan could have been better. 

Movie Marks

Viswaroopam mesmerises those who aspires for Hollywood action entertainers with international values which appeals more to "A" and multiplex audiance.

Produced by Raaj Kamal Films International (Chandra Haasan,Kamal Haasan)
Written by     Kamal Haasan,Atul Tiwari
Kamal Haasan,
Pooja Kumar,
Andrea Jeremiah,
Rahul Bose,
Jaideep Ahlawat
Music by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy
Cinematography     Sanu Varghese
Editing by  Mahesh Narayanan
Studio Raaj Kamal Films International
Distributed by     PVP Films
Running time     147 minutes 
Country     India
Viswaroopam movie review
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