Voter Movie Review

voter movie review

Last updated on August 2nd, 2019 at 12:20 pm

Voter (2019)
Star Cast: Manchu Vishnu, Sampath Raj, Surabhi
Director: G. S. KARTHIK
Producer: John Sudheer Pudhota
Releasing on: 21 June 2019

Rating: 1.75/5

Behind the Scenes:

Manchu Vishnu’s Voter is lying in cans for a few years. The movie got itself into a lot of controversies and the hero himself deserted it. After a lot of struggle, the makers were able to release the film today. Let us see how Voter is received by the audience:


Gautham (Manchu Vishnu) works in the USA and comes to India. He falls for Surabhi here. She gives a task for him to agree to his love. While Gautham successfully does that, he gets into a tangle with the Central Minister (Sampath Raj) who is involved in the grabbing of land belonging to the Housing for the Poor scheme. What happens next in this pursuit of truth forms the rest of the story.

Star Shine:

Voter is a different attempt for Manchu Vishnu as he rarely did any serious roles in his career. He did perform well in some action sequences also. Surabhi has put on a lot of weight these days but since the film was completed a long ago, she looks hot. Sampath Raj is in his elements as the central minister. Posani Krishna Murali does his job in a little character.


GS Karthik Reddy, the director chose a subject that will appeal to the common people. The challenge is to execute it well but he failed there. The opening buildup of Gautham’s love story is okay and he introduces the political angle well but from there, it is all downhill for the movie. Cinematography by Ashwin is good while Thaman’s music has been disappointing both in terms of the songs and the re-recording. Editing should have been better in the second half. The Production Values are good.


The first half of Voter has been good. Barring the routine track, a couple of political scenes worked. The Political Recall concept touched towards the end of the first half creates some curiosity in the audience. But then things have gone wayward in the second half. The proceedings are forced and boring with several illogical scenes. There is too much lag as well and we can see people walking out of the theaters even before the climax.

Movie Marks:

Voter: Fails To Get Positive Vote

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