Paruchuri Bros. 11th Hour Help To Vinayak

VV Vinayak's Seenayya in trouble

Famous writer Paruchuri Gopalakrishna runs a show on Youtube called Eleventh hour where he reveals how Paruchuri Bros. made changes to many movies in the past in the last hour which made them successful.

Now history is repeating itself. VV Vinayak’s debut movie as a hero ‘Seenayya’ has hit a road block. Producer Dil Raju isn’t satisfied with the way the film has been shaping up. Just when he was thinking of shelving the project, the makers have suggested to take the help of Paruchuri Brothers to re-write the script and reshoot some portions of the film.

Seenayya is based on the story of a father and is set in the backdrop of the 80s. We have to wait and see what khichdi Seenayya will turn out to be.