War on Digital providers may get solution today

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We reported earlier that Telugu Film Producer’s Council (TFPC) has decided to shut down from March, 1st, 2018, to counter the monopoly of the existing Digital Service Providers (DSPs) like Qube, UFO, etc. Which is causing severe issues to the producers during their film releases. A Total industry shutdown is still looming large even as the star films are gearing up for grand releases from next month.

Recently, a joint action committee of South Indian Film Industries sat with the representatives of the Digital Content Providers for two days meet but the meeting is still inconclusive. They agreed to meet once again on 23rd of this month, today to come to a final conclusion. The South Indian Film Industries committee has met with Digital Provider representatives in Bangalore on Today.

The industry may get solution against War on Digital providers on today at Bangalore meet with all south Indian film chambers committee members. The meeting details may come out by today evening. If the amicable solution not arrived, the strike will go as per announcement.

The JAC has confirmed that the shutdown decision is on as of now. So the industry will be shut down from March, 1st unless both the sides reach to an amicable solution on today meeting. Let us hope both will get an amicable solution in Today’s meet because this shut down may result in huge losses to Industry. Watch this space for more updates.

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