What The Fassak! TDP ad OX comedy

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TDP continues with the bad practice of roping in Tollywood mass directors like Boyapati Srinu, VV Vinayak to make promotional ads on the party’s welfare programmes to elevate their image in the eyes of voters. In this process, directors end up adding OTT masala elements to these ads which ultimately turn out to be a laughing stock for the audience.

The elections are going to be conducted on the 11th of April and TDP wants to make a sweep by defeating other parties. They want to influence the minds of the voters in their favor.

Recently an ad was released to glorify ‘Pasupu Kunkuma’ scheme of TDP. As per the script, a housewife is shown to buy cow and a calf with Rs.20000 gifted by Chandrababu Naidu under Pasupu Kunkuma scheme.

Much to TDP’s embarrassment, in the ad an OX was used instead of a cow. It appeared as if that ox gave birth to that calf and also the OX is the one that gives milk. Instead of elevating the image of TDP it further got degraded with such unintentional comedy ads. Netizens had a field day trolling the hilarious propaganda of TDP. The ad has been taken off the air right now.

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