What Went Wrong Between Telugu Filmmakers and OTTs?

As many as seven Indian films have announced skipping of their Theatrical Release and will release directly online on Amazon Prime Video. There is no straight Telugu film on this list. So far, only one small Telugu film starring all newcomers, Amrutharamam, released directly online. Insiders say that there is a fallout between the OTT platforms and Telugu filmmakers.

“There is a problem when it comes to Telugu films. What Prime or any other OTT platform offers is not good enough for producers of big films. Small Telugu films are not promising enough for Prime to invest in. Amrutharamam is a failure for Zee5. It has to be seen if these mass announcements of other industries will pressurize the Telugu Producers,” a source told us. Anushka’s Nishabdham is the only Telugu film which is in the advanced talks with Amazon Prime Video.