Where Is Vidya Balan review

Where Is Vidya Balan review

Movie:          Where Is Vidya Balan

Rating:         2.25/5

Director:      Venkat Prabhu

Behind the screens

Prince and Jyothi Seth are coming together creating interest among movie lovers questioning Where Is Vidyabalan under the direction of Srinivas Raga. Let us see what they got in store for viewers.

Story Line

Pizza delivery boy Kiran (Prince), an independent individual falls for Dr.Swathi (Jyothi Seth) when she hits him on her two wheeler. Even as Kiran tries to impress her, Waltair Vasu (Madhunandan) gets envious of them and tries to defame them on social media. This results in various twists and turns involving a phone named Vidyabalan and personalities like Minister Pulinaidu (Jayaparash Reddy), Dr.Aravind (Rao Ramesh), Don

Ganta (Sampoornesh Babu) and CI Neelakanta (Ashish Vidyarthi). To unravel the mystery of Vidyabalan,enjoy it on silver screen.

Star Shine

Prince is ok in his role as a youngster who is in love. Jyothi Seth didnot get much scope to perform and is ok as heroine.Rao Ramesh,Jaya Prakash Reddy,Ashish Vidyarthi and others performed according to their roles that are tailor made for them. Jennifer turned redhot in special song. Sampoornesh Babu attracted with his comedy along with Tagubotu Ramesh and Saptagiri.


Srinivas Raga came with a story with no real twists and turns. True that the film’s ending comes with unexpected twist but just for that one cannot expect viewers to be in theatres for two hours. He tried to entertain them with special song, songs between lead pair and comedy with various comedians. It all acted as special attractions. Had the director came with some powerful elements in the story, it would have created wonders. 


Music and background score of Kamran is average.Editing of Madhu could have been crispy. Chittibabu’s cinematography is good. Production values are adequate.

Movie Marks

Where is Vidyabalan is a routine comedy entertainer.


Cast: Prince, Jyothi Seth, Raviprakash, Sampoornesh Babu,Jayaprakash Reddy, Rao Ramesh, Prabhas SrinuAshish, Vidyarthi, Madhunandan, Saptagiri, Tagubotu Ramesh, Jennifer and others

Director: Srinivas Raga

Cinematography: Chitti Babu

Editing: Madhu

Music: Kamran

Producer: L.Venugopal Reddy, P Lakshmi Narasimha Reddy, A Chiranjeevi

Banner:  Sri Brahmaramba Creations

Where Is Vidya Balan review
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