Who is Back Stabbing 'Adhinayakudu'?

Who is Back Stabbing ‘Adhinayakudu’?

Balakrishna is romancing hot babes Saloni and Lakshmi Rai. But the delay in the film is driving his fans mad. Some time back it was reported that the film maker was in financial crunch but when the decks were cleared for the film’s release the delay is rising the tensions in masses. A confidential source say that Balakrishna is the real villian in the delay of ‘Adhinayakudu’ and he is virtually backstabbing the film.

Balakrishna signed the film for astounding amount of 5crs and since he recieved only half payment he is refusing to do dubbing for his characters. This is delaying the film and giving undue hardships for the film makers. This was the reason why ‘Adhinayakudu’ audio was released directly in the market without any grand function as Balayya Babu refused to be present at the audio function. Balayya is showing his true power which is more powerful than his triple roles in all powerful ‘Adhinayakudu’.
Natasimha Balakrishna’s much awaited all powerful political entertainer ‘Adhinayakudu’ is sending shivers to all its fans as one is not clear as to who is back stabbing it. Tollywood is having high expectations on the film directed by Parachuri Murali and produced by ML.Kumara Chowdhary. Balakrishna’s powerful dialogues and title song of the film tuned by Kalyani Malik and  pictured on Natasimha in masses evoked tremendous response. The film cast includes Jayasudha,Kota Srinivasa Rao,Brahmanandam,Charan Raj,MS.Narayana,Venu Madhav, Aditya Menon and others

Who is Back Stabbing ‘Adhinayakudu’?
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