Whom is ‘Genius’ targeting?

Havish, Sanusha starrer ‘Genius’ directed by Omkar hit the screens today. Even before the release of the film, it landed in fair amount of controversies. Even its film makers went claiming that the film would become another ‘Pratighatana’ and bring sea change in the thinking and mindsets of people. Story writer Chinni Krishna in an interview prior to the release of the film said the film included controversial scenes. This made YSRCP leaders turn red with rage with the talk of ‘statue’ dialogues targeting their leaders.

This made many curious of about the film and those who watched the film too felt the same way. The film targeted political leaders, film stars and cricket players for taking people for a ride and taking on die hard and mad fans who go to any extent even if it means ending their lives. One couldn’t miss the similarities between cricket captain Nizamuddin in the film involved in betting in sync with Former Team India captain and once Hyderabadi pride and present Cong MP Mohammad Azharuddin.

The film even targeted YS.Jagan who went on unveiling YSR statues across the state in a dialogue ‘Vigrahalu Pettina vaallanta mahatmulu karu’. Many think it targets even telangana leaders who are demanding for the installation of statues over tankbund.

Then comes top film actor Peddapuram Peda Babu(Ashish Vidyardhi) who tries to launch his son China Babu(Bharat) in the film industry. More than anything else this is the huge controversial point as one is left wondering whom is Omkar targeting. ‘Babu’ heroes include Balayya Babu planning to launch his babu(son) Mokshgna while Mohan Babu is trying to find a footing for their sons Vishnu Babu and Manoj Babu.

If this is not enough we have Rana Babu and Suresh Babu, Venky Babu, Chandra Babu and Rohit Babu and so many babus. If you come out of Babus syndrome then we have Megastar Chiranjeevi introducing their family heroes and same is the case with Super Star Krishna and Mahesh Babu.

Can Omkar come out and clarify whom is he targeting with ‘Genius’ before someone targets him and rakes huge controversy.