Why Kajal Rejected Star Hero?

Kajal Aggarwal will always maintain good relation with all her co-stars. But do you know the actress has rejected a script after knowing the name of the hero? Yes coming into the news an aspiring filmmaker from Kollywood narrated a script for Kajal Aggarwal. The actress who is very much excited with the script immediately accepted to be part of the project. But after hearing the name of her co-star the actress immediately rejected the offer without any second thoughts.

The hero is none other than Udayanidhi Stalin. As per industry circles, Kajal Aggarwal had a fight with Udayanighi. Going deep into the news Kajal was supposed to do a film under Udayanidhi Stalin’s banner but due to some unknown reasons, she walked out of the project. Uday who was upset with her behavior lodged a complaint against the actress with the South Indian Film Chamber which made her shell out Rs 40 lakhs to the production house. So this is the reason why Kajal walked out of the latest project after hearing Udayanidhi Stalin Name.