Why Muslims got hurt with Viswaroopam?

Many film analysts and top celebrities are praising Kamal Hassan’s ‘Viswaroopam’. Entire world is lauding his efforts and many are decrying the ban imposed on the film by Tamil Nadu Govt. Critics say this is the first film on terrorism which portrayed both east and west view points in a neutrally and though the film may not be a commercial hit, Kamal’s guts in selecting such subject should be appreciated. Then one question arises why Muslim groups are protesting against the film. From neutral view point Muslims will get hurt after watching a scene in Afghan terror camp when Kamal asks fellow terrorist, how he could speak such fluent Telugu for which he replies “I had been in Hyderabad, Kadapa to train people in terror activities Surely this dialogue in Tamil and Hindi versions will include regions from Tamil Nadu and North and Muslims hailing from that region will get hurt. Many say the film is neutral. Muslim groups however feel there is nothing neutral about it. During Kamal’s scenes in Afghan terror camps he never heard their woes or why they are fighting West but simply worked against him while in US, he worked for FBI revealing his identity as RAW agent eliminating all Muslim outfits. So where is neutrality in ‘Viswaroopam’? Does Kamal have any answers for these hard questions from Muslim outfits?