Why RGV Called Voters as Sheeps?

Ram Gopal Varma is a talented director who has given many milestone films in the past.  Currently, the director has lost his magic touch in the last couple of years. But the director never went out of limelight due to his bold and controversial behavior.

The director who will hit headlines regularly with his controversial statements was once again in news. This time the director has shifted his focus towards politics and voters. In a media interview, the star director called voters as sheep’s. He challenged the channel reporter that he will prove that the people are sheep’s and will vote without reading any manifestos. Later both the reporter and RGV went into public places and asked the public about their opinion on manifestos. After having different opinions 80 percent of the people accepted that they didn’t read manifestos.

Up to now, it’s ok now a big question is raising that is RGV doing all this to promote his upcoming film Bhairava Geetha. The doubt has been raised because RGV is the only one who can use even scrap to promote the film. Either it will be a controversial aspect the star director can make it as promotional material to grab attention towards his film.