Why This Music Director Lost His Charm?

Hyderabad : Music is the main ingredient for a film, and it will always play a vital role in the success of the film. This is the reason why most of the directors will choose to work with specific music directors repeatedly. Here is one such music director who is the first choice for many star directors. The music director has delivered some impressive hits and which will remain in the top list of musical singles.

But time has changed the music director is currently running out of films from his hand. Suddenly he has become bitter for all the camps in the industry. Mainly star heroes started keeping him aside and also suggesting others not to consider him.

As per the industry buzz, the music director has become bitter to all camps due to his mental health. Due to some personal issues, the music composer went into depression, and it has affected mental health. If any director meets him, he started narrating his issues and problems.

Apart from his mental health, there is also another strong reason. As per industry circles, he is also requesting the directors to arrange a date with the female lead role, which is irking the directors. The directors who are annoyed with the music director’s behavior started distancing him and knocking other doors.

As gossip spreads faster like wildfire, the news has reached many ears, and it has become a hot topic in the film industry. Let’s wait and see will this music director will change his behavior and will bounce back or not?