Will Allu Arjun Take Risk at this Juncture?

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Stylish Star Allu Arjun was shell shocked by an unexpected failure this Summer in the form of Naa Peru Surya. The actor is very much upset but is not in a hurry to okay his next project as he wants to be back in the winning ways at any cost. So, he is listening to the scripts patiently. We are told that he may team up with Manam fame Vikram K Kumar for his next project but the project is to be officially announced. Even though Allu Arjun liked the subject, he is in doubt about the budget proposed by the director.

Vikram has given an estimate of around 100 Crore. But then, Allu Arjun’s films are in the range of 60 Crore Budget and 100 Crore Budget will be a big gamble and risk at this juncture. Moreover, Vikram does not have a hit except for Manam. So it is highly risky. On the other side, the director does not want to compromise as he is planning action stunts with Hollywood masters and the story is such that it needs high-end production values. Bunny asked him to see if he can cut it down to 70 Crore. The fate of the project will now depend on what Vikram does.

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