Will Manmadhudu become Rakshakudu for them?

Akkineni Nagarjuna’s latest outing Manmadhudu 2 is out of the theaters even before it completed two weeks of release. The film was badly received by the critics and the audience for it’s over the top adult content, senseless story and boring screenplay.  The film ended up as one of the biggest duds of recent times at the box office. Though Nagarjuna is not the original producer of the film he promoted the film as Annapurna Studios’s production. Gemini Kiran, Viacom, and Geetha, the one who bought the remake rights of the French Movie ‘Prête-moi ta main’ co-produced this misfire that went into Nagarjuna’s account.

The film business was done for 18 crores but the returns were less than 9 crores. The distributors paid the money because of Nagarjuna and Annapurna Studio’s banner’s name. Now the huge responsibility of taking care of the distributors, who are said to have incurred losses of more than 60% on their investment, falls on the shoulders of Nagarjuna.

Being the gentleman he is, Nagarjuna might come to the rescue of the distributors and help them out of the crisis to some extent.