Will that young hero become Bakra once again?

young hero become Bakra once again

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It is a common trend that heroines latch on to a star hero to make a mark in the cinema industry. Like in Bollywood, Katrina took the help of Salman to score success, similarly Sonakshi used Akshay to climb up the ladder of success. There are few instances even in Tollywood.

A Telugu heroine has honed this art to perfection. She with the support of a young star hero, became successful doing glamorous roles and then later moved on to Bollywood to do some ‘sensible’ movies. But her Bollywood stint became an embarrassing failure so she decided to make a comeback in Telugu movies. She broke up with that young hero after using him to the core before moving to Bollywood, but now to try her luck once again in Tollywood she is trying to get cozy with that young hero. Recently in an event organised by her, he was the star attraction. Has the old fire been ignited? Well! We may have to wait for the smoke to come.

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